Monday, May 7, 2012

Fifty Shades Freed (book 3)

Fifty Shades Freed by E.L. James

The last of the trilogy!  :'(  I know, I know!  E. L. James has outdone herself!  What will happen with Anna and Christian?  Will they live in happy wedded bliss?  Only time will tell.  This book has it all and it  keeps you hanging on the edge of your seat or up all night.  I know I was up way, way to late reading this book.  I just could not put it down, I kept saying only one more chapter and reading a few more.  

Anna has accepted Christians proposal!  So off they go, down a new road together, while things are still unsettled in his past and Anna is getting used to a new lifestyle.  Anna is trying to be the same person she has always been.  Can she do it?

Anna and Christian enjoy a wonderful honeymoon.  Which would have been more relaxing with out someone trying to get to them.  A person in the shadows is out to get Christian and his family.  Enjoying their new life together is hard enough with out a vengeful person out to get them.

Back home and trying to adjust reality of work and meetings, a surprise visitor comes to see Anna.  Someone from Christian's past!  Leila is back and wants to talk to Anna, knowing it will bring Christian to her.  But Leila is not their only problem.  That's not the only person who makes an appearance....Mrs Robinson is back too!  (gasp!)  

As well as Jack Hyde, he's back and out to get the Grey Family.   But why?  Is it because of Anna?  There is more to Jack's story, he has a connection to Christian.

Anna becomes pregnant.  A situation that neither Anna or Christian are ready for and the fall out is great.  Christian handles the news in a very Fifty way!  His anger is unleashed and he walks out on Anna.  When he finally returns he is greeted by a very angry Anna.  It's a good thing that she has never been one to succumb to Christians dominate nature.  Things are ugly between them and things only get worse.

Anna puts herself and her baby in danger! By doing so she frees them in more ways than one.  Fifty Shades Freed!

This book has so much going on and Anna and Christian grow so much in this book.  Heart stopping from the beginning.  You can't help but to fall in love with these two characters.  I was sad to finish this series and oh so glad I read it!  You have to read it to see what I am talking about and to see the ending....E.L. James keeps you wondering, what's next!  I can't wait to see what she does next.  Keep a look out!


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