Thursday, November 14, 2013

All The Pretty Lies

All The Pretty Lies by M. Leighton

All The Pretty Lies is a new release by M. Leighton.  I love her books and could not wait to get my hands on this one.  It's filled with love, danger, mystery and some lies.  It's got a leading lady who you can not help but like but feel a little sorry for and a lead male with tatoos and a secret.
     Sloan is a girl who is trying to live her life and open up her wings and soar, but it's a little hard when you live with your father and older brothers when all of them are cops.  Sloan lost her mother as a young girl and has been raised by these overprotective men in her life.  She has very few friends and hasn't really had a boyfriend, how could you with her family scaring everyone away.
    Just turning 21, she decides that she is going to open up her wings and live the life she wants and show those overprotective men that she is no longer and little girl and she should be treated like an adult. The first thing on her list to freedom is to get a tattoo...a tattoo that will change her life.  When she walks into the tattoo shop, she meets Hemi and instantly feels something towards him.  Hemi is a handsome man with tattoos, how could you resist that, but there is something about him and they just click.
   A few trips into the shop and some small talk they begin to fall for each other.  Sloan wants Hemi and wants to be with him in ways that he doesn't seem to want.  But there is a definite connection.  Hemi fights his feeling for her because of a secret he has and the mission he is on.  A mission that will effect Sloan and her family.  Along with Hemi having a secret, so does Sloan.  
   As they fall in love and decide to be together the secrets come out and things change.  Can they stay together and work out the damage the secrets cause.  Can they help each other to live by a motto they both seem to go by...can they "LIVE, NO REGRETS"?  Read this captivating story!!
    I recommend anything the M. Leighton writes and for more of her book head on over to her website

The White Princess

The White Princess by Philipa Gregory

The White Princess by Philipa Gregory is the story of Princess Elizabeth who one day will become Queen Elizabeth.  This story follows Elizabeth a York who marries Henry Tudor, her enemy.  The marriage between these two Royals will end the War of The Roses (the cousins war)  uniting the two houses.  
     As England seems to somewhat settle down and find a little peace, this Princess who is now Queen must find a way to win the love of her husband, England's new King and also his mother, Margaret of Beaufort.  This is hard for Elizabeth as she can not forgive Henry for killing her Uncle King Richard III and taking the throne.
    As life seems to be calm for a time....a new threat becomes known.  Elizabeth's brother, who was presumed dead (one of the boys in the tower) has surfaced.  England loves the York family and would love to see a York boy on the throne.  Elizabeth must now choose the life she has now and protect her Husband the King or go with what she knows in her heart and put the pretender (her brother) on the throne.
    Philipa Gregory had done another wonderful job of telling history with a little fictional spin and of course adding a theory on what happened to the Boys in the Tower.  I recommend this book to anyone who loves Philipa Gregory and historical fiction. This is also a great book to get a little more of what happens in the York/Tudor battle if you have watched The White Queen on STARZ.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Her Sweetest Downfall

Her Sweetest Downfall By Rebecca Hamilton

Her Sweetest Downfall by Rebecca Hamilton is the second book in the Forever Girl Series.  This novella is a quick and easy read that brings you into the life of Ophelia.  She is a remarkable character who has a really tough choice to make which is not really a choice at all.  But it will change her life forever!

Rebecca has an ability to bring her characters to life and to make you love them and care for them.  You can not help feeling like you are on the journey with the characters.  Once you start reading you are hooked until the very last page and even then you are left wanting more!

Ophelia has a tough life at the moment....her father is dead and her mother went missing.   Ophelia's story begins when she is sent to do an errand for the woman she works for.  As Ophelia is going through the woods, she begins to get spooked as does her horse.  She hears a violin and then is taken by a stranger.  When Ophelia wakes up she is in a new world with this strange man, Ethan.  Ethan has some answers Ophelia is looking for.  For instance he knows what happened to her mother who went missing.  

Along with this information Ethan also tells Ophelia that she must become the one thing that she hates the most, in order to save many lives.  Ophelia does not want to be this monster she is supposed to be but has to learn to overcome her fears and her hatred to do the right thing.  

As she spends time with Ethan, preparing for what lies ahead, their feelings for one and other become stronger and at times get in the way of the task ahead of them.  Sometimes putting them in danger of losing their lives and not finishing the mission that they are on.

Will Ophelia and Ethan end up together?  Will they be able to carry out their mission?  There is only one way to find out.  Read Her Sweetest Downfall!  You will not be disappointed....I know I wasn't.  I can't wait for Rebecca to give us more!