Monday, October 24, 2011

New Moon

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

  Stephenie Meyer has done it again!  New Moon is the second book in the Twilight Series.  Again this book hooks you in and keeps you reading until the last page and leaves you wanting more.  You can not get enough of Bella and Edward and what they have in store for them.

  Back in Forks, Bella and Edward get ready to celebrate Bella's 18th Birthday.  Bella not wanting to be any older than Edward and not wanting to make a big deal about her birthday, has asked that there be no presents and no parties.  That would never stop Alice, Edward's Sister, from throwing one!

  Everything is going great and Bella is having a good time, until she gives herself a paper cut while opening a gift.  Bella's blood smells good and the new "vegitarian" vampire Jasper, can not control his blood thirst.  He tries to attack Bella and Bella gets injured while Edward tries to get her out of the way.  Bella gets stitched up and goes home.  Edward of course blames himself for putting her in danger, yet again.

  Edward and his family decide to leave.  Edwards thinking is that if he leaves, Bella will be safe and can live a normal life.   But leaving had done a lot of damage to Bella.  She pretty much shuts herself off from everyone and goes catatonic.  After her father threatens to send her back to her mother, Bella tries to pick up the pieces and fit back into the world.  Not wanting to leave Forks because of Edward.

  While trying to be normal she finds that a sense of Danger and adrenaline can make her hear Edward's voice.  Bella finds two motorcycles and gets Jacob, her best friend, to help fix them up.  Jacob and Bella spend a lot of time together and become very close.  Being around Jacob helps Bella to feel whole again and takes away the pain of not having Edward around.

   Evil Victoria finds her way back to Forks to seek revenge on Bella for the death of James, Victoria's mate.   Jacob's tribe is a bunch of werewolves and he needs to let Bella in on his new found secret in a way that isn't coming right out in saying it.  Werewolves are the natural enemy of Vampires and Jacob's tribe is trying to rid Forks of Victoria.  Jacob isn't able to spend as much time with Bella while he is hunting Victoria, which leave Bella feeling the pain of Edward being gone once again.  So with wanting Edward and wanting to hear his voice, she cliff jumps into the ocean at La Push, and with being Bella, another life saving moment needs to happen.  Jacob rescues her from the water.

   Later that night Alice comes back, because she thought Bella was dead.  It turns out that Alice cant see past the pack of werewolves.  Edward then believes that Bella is dead and finds away to end his life as well.  Now Alice and Bella must fly to Italy to save Edward.

  Another fast read that keeps you wanting more with every page you turn.  What is going to happen next with this young couple.  Bella always being in life threatening situations and her undying love for Edward.  Two worlds that do not seem to belong together and meshing in a way that seems to have no way out.  Bella is determined to be with Edward wether it's good for them or not.  Once you start this Saga you are hooked until the end!


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