Saturday, August 13, 2011

Daughter of York

Daughter of York by Anne Easter Smith

   Daughter of York is another amazing story by Anne Easter Smith.  Anne Easter Smith does a wonderful job of telling the story of another of England's strong and intelligent women.  Daughter of York is the story of Margaret, the daughter of York and who becomes the Duchess of Burgundy.

   Margaret's story begins after her father was killed in battle, she wakes from a nightmare with her mother by her side.  That's where the nightmare of her life is about to begin as well.  She must learn to become the woman of the house and take on more responsibilities.  Her mother Cecily, from Queen by Right, guides her into the great women she will become. 

   Margaret's brother Edward becomes King of England and now holds Margaret's fate in his hands.  He promises to find her a wonderful husband but at the same time he has to do whats best for England.  After the first few years on the throne he decides to wed Margaret to the Duke of Burgundy.  Margaret must leave her family and leave England to sail to France.  Heartbroken and lost she finds herself far from home and friends.  She takes comfort in the few ladies sent with her to tend to her.  Her most beloved lady by her side.  

  Margret's life is full of strength and courage and the patience to guide those around her as well as her brother across the sea.  She faces love, heartache and disappointment along the way, yet stays strong.  Anne Easter Smith has done it again.  This book was another amazing read and again kept me reading to the very last page.


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